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It would only be an understanding of the work of the Holy Spirit that could explain the effectiveness of this ministry. I highly and without reservation recommend to you the ministry of my friend, Jared Ruddy.

Tommy Reid

“I first met Jared in 2005 and have watched his calling evolve and ministry develop through the years. I have witnessed closely his unique gifting blended with his personality work together in both effective communication and spiritually penetrating ministry. Because I believe that ministry is most effective when it connected to authentic relationships, I rarely right recommendations for people unless there is a definitive degree of relationship that warrants such endorsement. –

Dennis Shearer

“I’ve only met a few people in my life who have an equal passion and expertise in the areas of theology, supernatural gifts of the Spirit and local church strategy. Jared Ruddy is one of those leaders in the Body today.God has uncommonly graced Jared with a sharp mind, discerning spirit and prophetic voice. I highly recommend him and his ministry.”

Joshua Finley

“I love when God gives a person wisdom and grace beyond their years or experience. Such is the case with Jared Ruddy. Jared carries something God has imparted into his life that enables him to connect with a mix of generations and denominations. Jared thinks before he speaks and when you hear him it is evident that he speaks from a deep well and you want to ask his age again. This young man has a Kingdom mindset and is demonstrating attributes in his life that many of us far older are emulating for our own lives.

Bishop David Thomas